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I'm a photographer living in Skien, Norway.

Do you need a photographer for your wedding, engagement, event, or just some nice pictures of you and your friends?


Then don't hesitate to shoot me

an email or call me!


Jo Svensen

I´m a photographer from Hamar, Norway, currently living in Skien. I mostly do weddings, portraits and landscapes.

My passion for photography started in high school as I studied media and communication and got the change to start learning this art. In 2009 I did a photography school  mainly focusing on fighting social injustice using photography.

My whole I've been travelling a lot. I love capturing different cultures and people all around the world. Photography is a great tool to get in contact with people I don't know. My pictures are for sale and you can check out my portfolio.

I startet shooting weddings a few years ago and it's such a thrill to capture these big days. My goal is always to capture peoples personalities and keeping it natural, having fun (important!) and just to capture the couple's affection and love for one another!

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Contact Me

Slemdalsgata 13, 3717 Skien, Telemark - Norway  |  Tel: +47 971 06 406

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